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Palacio Guendulain
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San Fermin


The hotel and the San Fermin Fiestas

Thanks to its excellent location, the hotel allows to enjoy conveniently these Fiestas to all our guests from the famous Estafeta Street, where the bull-running takes place, is proximate to the hotel. According to the tradition from 1977 each 7 th of July the procession of San Fermin halts in the main face of the Palace Guendulain. The Santiago of Chantrea Choir dedicates the canticle �Glorious Saint Fermin, we come to sing you, the old and young�� to the saint patron of the city at this place.

A bit of history

The origin of the San Fermin dates a couple of centuries back being connected with other


celebrations: the religious acts in honor of San Fermin, the first bishop of Pamplona, the bull-fights and the fairs.

From the beginning and till 1591 the San Fermin Fiestas were celebrated on 10 th of October, and that is when the habitants of Pamplona sick of the awful fall weather decided to change the month for July. Originally the Fiestas lasted two days but as new celebrations were added on, the Fiestas of San Fermin turned much longer.

In XX century the San Fermin Fiestas reached the highest point of popularity and this is to a large extent due to the contribution of the American writer Ernest Hemingway.

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